Our Guarantee

Your choice, our guarantee. Quite simply this means - whatever you, the customer want, we will do everything in our power to deliver it.

As we've been delivering customized cabinets since 2005, it’s likely we’ve delivered something similar to what you are looking for and will already have materials and components sourced.

Given that CabTek is all about customization, we offer no standard product line, but rather offer our customers any finish, any colour, any material, any size, any face or edge profile. All easily handled via our unique Eze-Order Software. If you have preferred suppliers whether it’s Polytec, Laminex or Parbury Vinyl we can deliver doors in any of their available profiles and colours. Looking for a specific type of hinge, drawer, handle or other fitting? We can source it for you and deliver a complete, flat-packed, yet fully customised order to your door.


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