CabTek has always taken great pride in being able to deliver to customers’ specific needs. Since 2005, CabTek has been providing bespoke joinery to Trade and major projects all over Australia including customers such as the Hindmarsh group, government departments and even high profile celebrities in both the media and sporting sectors.

The industry has evolved rapidly over the years with many joiners utilizing CNC machines to increase their output and efficiency; however this has meant a sharp decline in the ability for customers to order exactly what they want. CabTek saw this as a real loss for the customer and an opportunity for a business willing to invest in technology and development.

As such, CabTek have strived to maintain the breadth of choice, customization and quality of handmade cabinets while adding the efficiency of mass production. Now under new ownership, the belief that customers should be able to choose exactly what they want remains stronger than ever.

Why choose CabTek?

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